In 2012, Woodville completed a revitalization project that updated the heart of their downtown with two new parking lots that connected several attractions of the community including Steven Park, South Steven Park, the tennis courts, the Amphitheater, the Veteran’s Memorial and the Wildwood Trail. Part of the project includes an eight foot wide sidewalk that is meant for bikers and walkers. This sidewalk is a connection beginning at the Wildwood Trailhead located in Steven Park and winds through the center of town where it eventually joins the south opening to the Wildwood Trail as it leaves Woodville. One of the unique aspects of this sidewalk is the stamped Viking ships that are indicative of Woodville’s Norwegian heritage that is still recognized and celebrated annually.


Woodville is extremely proud of the impact this project had had as our downtown certainly plays a major role in the overall vitality of our community. This project was not merely infrastructure improvements, but was an investment that enables Woodville to maintain the downtown area as a center of activity, including shopping, festivals and other holiday events.